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What is WhoDoYou?

WhoDoYou helps you find the professionals you need recommended by the people you trust. When you search on for dentists, plumbers, pediatricians and other local businesses you'll see results based on authentic, local advice shared between friends and neighbors on social networks.
So when you need a painter, pediatrician or plumber, go to

How does it work?

If you're looking for a service provider you can do a search by category and location from the search bar. We'll find and show you authentic, local advice shared on social networks.

WhoDoYou and Facebook

What if I don't want to sign up through Facebook?

No Problem! Without logging in you can still do a search to see recommendations that have already been shared between friends. For an even more customized experience - to see recommendations from your friends and posted in your groups, just sign in with Facebook. We'll take care of the rest.

Why log in with Facebook?

When you log in with Facebook, you provide permissions that allow us to act as your personal search agent. In other words, we'll look for the most useful recommendations already shared by your friends and groups. But remember, recommendations shared between friends and groups will stay within your network. We'll never share your private information.

Does this mean anything posted on Facebook will now be on WhoDoYou?

No. Your privacy settings on Facebook determine what's on WhoDoYou. Only posts that have been selected for public viewing will be displayed on WhoDoYou. It's like anything you post on Facebook which has been marked as public from the audience selector. Also, WhoDoYou only searches for posts that are specifically related to local business recommendations.

So, what do public posts mean?

Any posts that have been selected for public viewing means that "people who are not your friends on Facebook, people who are not in your school or work networks and anyone on the internet" - can see your posts. (source: Facebook).

What if I don't want my posts or comments to appear on WhoDoYou?

We will gladly remove them. Just send an email to

WhoDoYou Reviews

How do I add a review on WhoDoYou?

Just click on the Write a Review button, make sure you're signed in with Facebook, and simply fill in the details. Alternatively, if you want to review a local business that is already on WhoDoYou just click on the Review this Provider button at the top of their profile page.

How do I edit my review(s)?

Make sure you're logged in to WhoDoYou with your Facebook account, click on your name at the top and select "My Reviews" on the menu. Upon receiving a list of reviews you've written, you can select edit on the review you'd like to update.

Service Providers

How do I advertise my business on WhoDoYou?

For a low annual fee, you can easily promote your business by creating a business profile on WhoDoYou. Or you can always submit your basic information - name, phone and type of work you do - for free. For either option, just go to and follow the quick & easy steps to complete your profile. For more info on creating a business profile click here.


Is WhoDoYou available as a mobile app?

The site is optimized for mobile - so much so that you may barely feel the difference between our Web experience and native applications. However, we'll soon be releasing apps for Android and iOS which will give you even more capabilities from your mobile device. So watch this space!

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